Can God remember you?


Genesis 19:22 So when God destroyed the cities of the plain, He remembered Abraham and He brought Lot out of the catastrophe that overthrew the cities where Lot had lived.

You can be remembered for so many things while on the earth (good, bad , and the ugly), but can God remember you?

Abraham was a man of deep fellowship and that was why God took him as His friend. He was a man that had a very strong relationship with God. He understood the power of fellowship and Humility.

Even with His constant fellowship with God (Gen 18:22, Gen 19:27)) he did not become too familiar with God like most of us will do. He took whatever God told him very seriously and reverenced Him all the time. He was a man that received grace and favor from God. Because of all these Characteristics and more He was able to get revelations from God all the time. Gen 18:17( then the Lord said, Shall I hide fro Abraham what I am about to do?)

The bible records that when God destroyed the city where Lot was leaving in, He remembered Abraham and rescued Lot and His family. This means that if not for Abraham’s relationship and conversations with God Lot might have also been destroyed.

How would you feel if because of you members of your family are saved from destruction, because of your relationship with God you brothers and sisters have good jobs, because God remembers you, He heals your loved ones from diseases…… What can God remember you for.

I challenge you to think about this today and always. You can begin with having constant fellowship with Him and heeding to His instructions as He speaks with you.

Do have a blessed day!!

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