Lessons from Esther chapter 2.

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Queen Esther

Favor means approval, support, or liking for someone or something. It means to feel or show approval or preference for someone or something. I will be sharing with you lessons from the story of Queen Esther in the bible.

As we all know, Esther was favored by all that she came in contact with on her journey to fulfilling destiny. God favored her and she found favor in the sight of everyone.

There are a few things Esther did that we ought to do on our journey to being favored by men

Identified her destiny Helper: When God’s favor is on your life, He will send destiny helpers your Way and ensure they hold you by the hands and lead you to where you ought go and become who you are meant to become. Esther chapter 2 vs 11. Mordecai was Esther’s uncle and he never left her on her own since she was an orphan. He brought her up and when it got to the time when she would go into the palace he was there also to instruct her. She understood his place in her life and she was able and willing to follow his instructions.

Have you identified people who God has brought your way to help you fulfill your destiny? Are you willing to follow their guiding and instructions? You could have destiny helpers in different aspects of your life. I pray that our spiritual eyes are open for us to discern those people God has put in our path.

Wisdom: In Esther 2 vs 10 Mordecia instructed Esther not to divulge her identity and she also did not. That was wisdom because sometimes your past could be an hindrance to your future. Not everyone needs to know who you were to identify with who you are or who you are going to be. Be careful not to divulge details of your past so that you can reach the full potential of your future. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

Humility: To fulfill destiny humility is very important. (Esther 2 Vs 9 and 15). Esther was very humble to everyone she came in contact with and that earned her the favor of everyone around her including the king. She did not act like she was very experienced or that she knew it all. She stooped and she became!!! Examine yourself in this time. How humble are you to God and all that you come across? Be reminded after pride cometh a fall and you will not fall off your path to destiny fulfillment.

Beloved, these a just a few things to be done on our journey to fulfilling destiny from some lessons learnt from Queen Esther. Let’s learn more from you in the comments below. Shalom!!

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