You are enough!!!

Sometimes on social media, we see posts about being enough meaning you are perfect, do not need anything from anyone and you have everything together. I find this very erroneous. 

Society has placed so much importance on outward success in the form of high paying jobs, fat bank balances, perfect relationships, promotions, having the best cars, wearing the best clothes, the list goes  on and on.  Don’t get me wrong these things are good but they shouldn’t define us. Studies have shown that even the people who have achieved all these still feel empty. They still feel as though something is missing.

I make bold to say we feel empty even after all these achievements because these things don’t define us. They do not represent or bring forth our authentic self. We feel empty after all these achievements because we feel we are not enough. We then begin to act in the following ways:

We compare ourselves with other people,

We become angry about other people’s success,

We become embarrassed and ashamed about not achieving or succeeding more.

We start to hate anything that gives people advantages over us.

We conclude and then resign our fate to being less worthy of anything good.

We have been programmed by society to believe that the solution to the feeling of emptiness on the inside is outside us, hence we look to different places dor solutions. We enter relationships we shouldn’t, we read books, go for seminars, listen to experts on different issues, but when we are by ourselves nothing really changes. We just learnt something new but nothing changed on the inside of us. You know why? This is because the solution we seek is inside of us. The solution we seek is in us realizing and understanding that we are enough.

Being enough means you are made to be unique on purpose. You are not here by mistake, you are who you are in this place, at this time. You do not need any repairing. It means you are not afraid to be you.

Being enough doesn’t mean you will not need help or that you’re self sufficient.  It means you know your needs, and can ask for help when in need.  It’s  easy to ask for help when you know you are enough.

You are enough when you understand that you have flaws  and strengths, and you own it all. Your enoughness show when you can admit to your weaknesses knowing fully well that it doesn’t define you or represent your worth.

You are enough means you are your true authentic self, not perfect, not striving to become more worthy, more acceptable  or more loved. The expression of true enoughness is not about changing you but about improving yourself to manifest the greatest version of yourself. 

Being enough is you owning your journey to becoming who God has called you to be irrespective of what the world wants and demand you to be. 1Peter 2:9 says that you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people.


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