What God does with Emptiness.

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I have heard people say 2020 is a year that shouldn’t have been. Some have the opinion that 2020 is a year filled with so many activities all around the world, yet its filled with so much emptiness. I agree with all that is said but I also know that God does a tremendous work with emptiness. This gives me comfort that whatever is going on in this year, God is working out something pleasant out of the nothingness and emptiness that we all feel characterized by this year 2020.

Here are a few things that God does with emptiness:

God creates beauty out of emptiness: Genesis 1:1-2 tells me that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth from nothingness. The earth was without form and void. In other words the earth was formless and empty, and darkness was all over the surface of the deep. The spirit of God was hovering and brooding over the face of the waters and God said “Let there be light” and there was light.

God created the beauty of the earth from nothing and, He can create beauty out of your empty state. All you need do is stay focused on the Lord and ask Him to create something out of this nothingness and He will. He has never forsaken us and He will never forsake us.

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God makes provision available in emptiness: 2 Kings 4:1-7 In this chapter of Kings, its recalled that a certain woman whose husband had died went to prophet Elisha crying that her husband is dead, and his creditors wanted to her two sons as their salves. The prophet asked her what she had left. She replied she only had a small jar f olive oil. He then asked her to go and ask her neighbors for their empty jars.

Notice this woman had only a small jar of oil left and the prophet wanted to work with that. Sometimes God will work with what is left in your state no matter how small or irrelevant it might be. When She got the empty vessels she was instructed to take the olive oil in her hand and pour it out into the empty vessels. As she poured into the empty vessels they became filled until they ran out of vessels. The prophet instructed her to sell the oil to pay her debt.

In the same vane God wants to use what you have left in you even in that empty state to make provisions for you. If you have just lost your job, and have been searching for one to no avail, this might just be God telling you to look inwards at what’s left in you no matter how small. He is the God that makes something out of nothing. He wants to provide for you with what you have left in you. He wants to use whats left of you to bring forth the best you yet.

God fills your emptiness and sets you apart for His Glory: God is looking for an empty vessel to fill up and set apart for His glory 2 kings 4:4. Sometimes emptiness can be as a result of our souls yearning for God. It could be a deep soul hunger for God that we cannot physically explain, hence we experience all of those emotions. Be still, it could be God calling us closer to Himself. Whichever way it is, when you are empty you have gotten to the point where you are stripped of your ego and pride. You have gotten to a point where you’ve realized you can’t do this thing called life without God. At that point God comes in and pours into you, fills you up, sets you aside for signs and wonders, then shows Himself strong and mighty in your life.

God uses emptiness to open up your destiny: The story of Joseph in Gen 37:23-24 is a typical example of how God uses emptiness to open us up to our destiny. Joseph’s brothers were very jealous of him so they threw him into a cistern and left him there for a while before thy sold him to the Ishmealites who took him to Egypt. At this point Joseph will be feeling betrayed, lost, broken and depressed. He was at an empty point in his life, going through the pains of separation from his loved ones as well as betrayal. What he didn’t know was that this setback was a setup to open him up for his destiny. We all know the story of how against all odds Joseph became the prime minister of Egypt the very place he was taken as a slave.

You might be experiencing brokenness and emptiness due to betrayal from family, friends, or co-workers, don’t give up, never give in, trust God’s plan for your life even as you go through all that you are in. Gods has good plans for us, to get us to fulfill our destiny.

Beloved whenever you feel broken, overwhelmed and empty ask God to lead you to the Rock that’s higher than you. Psalm 61:2-3  Christ is that Rock, the Rock of our salvation, and our refuge. He is higher than all the kings of the earth; higher than the angels in heaven, and than the heavens themselves.  By his height is able to protect and defend us, by the shade He casts He is able to refresh and comfort us. By the sufficiency in Him ,He is able to supply all their wants; for he is as a rock impregnable, and well stored.

At this Rock, our souls desire to be led by the Spirit of God always, and especially when in distressing circumstances, and He does lead us to his blood for pardon and cleansing, and to his righteousness for justification and acceptance with God, and to his fullness for fresh supplies.

Indeed God is great and does wonderful things with our state of emptiness….


15 thoughts on “What God does with Emptiness.

    1. Anonymous

      So true and inspiring.
      God specializes in bringing great and mind-blowing things out of nothing.
      This means there is no hopeless situation once we are in Christ.
      Nice job!

  1. olayinkaakinniye

    There is no emptiness in God, as such whenever His own feels empty, God always fill him/ her up. Nice write up

    1. Anonymous

      It in the place of emptiness, after we have done all we can, toiling and hustling all day n night that God speaks and downloads his instruction on the way to go.

      Nice piece

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