Self Leadership Tips I learnt Along My Journey.

To be self led is the ability of an individual to hold himself/herself  accountable to a personal set of values, beliefs and goals. This is about continuously guiding yourself to make great decisions, consistently over time.

As a wife, mother, sister, employee, and business owner, at some point I had to come to the realization that leadership starts from me leading myself. I found out that the most difficult person for me to lead was me. I struggled with this for a long time, and I still do because I am evolving. As I evolve I get to learn more about my complexities, and how to manage me to get me to the next level. Today, I am sharing some self leadership tips that have helped me along my journey.

  1. Identify your purpose as a human being, and understand that you have to fulfill it. Understand your objective at every given time.
  2. Have a vision for your life and set achievable goals for yourself.
  3. Follow through on your set goals. Ensure you see your goals through from start to finish, and hold yourself accountable for the fulfillment of your set goal.
  4. Identify your core values, and live by them.
  5. Invest in your self development. Prioritize your personal growth
  6. Use your gifts passionately. Be disciplined about the use of your gifts so you can express them to the full.
  7. Replace negative thoughts with positive self-talk. Imagine your success then work towards being successful with all of your heart.
  8. Use your purpose and gift to serve others.
  9. Make the present perfect. Stop living in the past.
  10. Practice your strengths often for inspiration and confidence.
  11. Recognize your weaknesses, but lead with your strengths.
  12. Have confidence in yourself and maintain high self worth.
  13. Listen to Understand don’t listen to react. Act don’t react.
  14. Take calculated risks and focus on success always.
  15. Manage your time and your expectations.
  16. Don’t be in your own way. Move out of your comfort zone and widen your horizon.
  17. Learn to speak from the heart.
  18. Take initiative in every situation.
  19. Carry out your duties without needing praise.
  20. Be the change you want to see.
  21. Get feedback, reflect and evolve.

Drop your comments below on self leadership tips that have helped you along your journey. KEEP EVOLVING!!!

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